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We provide project-based financial planning services on topics such as cash flow, college savings, debt management, employee benefits, estate and incapacity planning, retirement planning, and risk management in addition to other areas of focus based on your needs. On a limited basis, we may be engaged for our financial planning and investment consultation services on an hourly fee basis. This is typically for those clients requiring a narrowly focused plan, incidental advice, or an abbreviated review session for one financial planning topic.


If you just have a couple of questions or are not ready for comprehensive financial planning, a 90-minute solution-focused introductory engagement is offered. You may ask questions on up to three different financial planning topics. A summary of the session with a plan of action list will be emailed afterward.  Email support for clarity on topics discussed is available for up to seven days after the session, if needed.



Client’s purchasing this one-time financial plan service will complete a series of sessions to aide in the creation of an electronic report to provide a detailed financial plan designed to achieve his or her stated financial goals and objectives.​


$3,200 - $4,500, depending on complexity

**Hourly financial planning consultations are offered at a rate of $200 -$300 per hour, depending on the nature of the desired hourly project, complexity and scope of the engagement.**

Blooming Session

Project-Based Financial Planning

Full Bloom Session

Investment Management

We offer the use of Outside Managers for portfolio management services. We assist you in selecting an appropriate allocation model, completing the Outside Manager’s investor profile questionnaire, interacting with the Outside Manager, and reviewing the Outside Manager. XYInvestment Solutions ("XYIS") is our chosen Outside Manager. XYIS builds investment models through a technology solution and supports financial planners with investment strategies based on research, experience, and sound rationale. LBA does not HOLD the funds you choose to invest with us. Through our investment management engagement, we offer custody of your funds through our custodian; TD Ameritrade.

**All assets under management are charged a flat advisory fee of 1%.**

Tax Prep & Planning

Whether your tax needs involve preparation or a review of a previously filed return, an amended return or interpretation of an IRS notice you received, we are here to help! If your tax situation has recently become more complicated due to financial nuances you have not experienced before, now would be the time to hire an experienced tax professional on your team. Our tax preparation fee begins at $200 and is based on the complexity of the return.

Our sister company, Late Bloom Divorce, is a virtual firm that assists individuals and couples save money by staying out of court, when possible, and avoiding financial & tax entanglements they didn’t even know existed. Sifting through assets and liabilities can be difficult, adding negotiation on top of that can be frightful and confusing. We educate our clients as they tread through the troubled financial waters divorce can bring ashore. We offer creative settlement solutions that give our clients the relief they need to confidently move forward with their financial lives. 

Divorce Finances

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