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About Late Bloom Advising

Why Late Bloom?

Late Bloom is an homage to how we tend to get busy with "life" and allow things to slip through the cracks or go unaddressed no matter how important they are, but then realizing there's still time left to accomplish your goal and move forward to act on it. 


The lotus flower starts it's life from murky waters, yet manages to grow into a stunning flower. The symbolism it represents is inspiring; through difficult situations and hard times, growth can lead to beautiful outcomes.

Why a lotus flower?

Female Entrepreneur
Woman with Arms Crossed


Partner with us to support you on your journey to gain financial independence with tactful carefulness. While our purpose is to help you reach your financial aspirations, discipline is needed on your side to reach your goals.


Empathetic Candor

Simply put, compassionate realness. Personal financial management can be difficult to navigate. Especially if you feel you have made mistakes in the past, feel you should know more than you do or feel like you should have addressed your financial concerns years ago. We provide a confidential, judgment-free environment as we address your concerns in an easy to understand manner.

Unveiling the mystery behind financial planning with a fiduciary standard. Being a fiduciary means that we will always provide guidance that is in your best interest, not our own. Curious about the financial planning process? Ever wonder how financial planners get paid? Visit our FAQ's page to learn about our credentials.


Our Founder


Nicole Brown-Griffin


From a young age I became interested in the topic of Finance where my goal became to learn about money; how to grow & protect it and help others learn about it too.


Not wanting an “office job” immediately upon graduating from college, I bartended & served tables as a waitress. Knowing that I needed to keep a pulse on the finance and tax industry, I learned how to prepare taxes. Years later I decided to get back on track and study for the Accredited Financial Counselor® designation. A couple of years later, I built upon that knowledge and received my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. Following my interest and curiosity, I sought out to become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®. Adding the Enrolled Agent designation made sense based on my years of experience preparing taxes and compliments my financial credentials.

After earning the CFP® designation, I thought that I would instantly find a job in my local area, I just knew it wouldn’t take long...haha after a year and a half of searching I became fed up, frustrated, and terribly disappointed after countless job interviews that went nowhere. To keep positive, I decided to create my dream job by founding my own financial planning firm. I primarily help women  going through major life transitions.
Hailing from an ultra-diverse city and having different experiences with people from all walks of life, I deliver counseling and planning in a down to earth, relatable fashion. No financial planning stuffiness over here! Feel free to contact me for a complimentary 30-minute strategy consultation to see if we would be a good match, I'm genuinely interested in helping you create a financial plan to help you live your best life!

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